Sunday, April 12, 2009

E-BikeKit™ 36V/500W Complete Conversion System Installation Guide

Step 1 – Make Sure Your Bike is Suitable for Conversion
The E-BikeKit™ is available in the following standard wheel sizes: 20", 26", or 28". What is important is the width of the space between your forks. You need at least 4 inches between the inside of the dropouts (where the axle fits into your forks) and you need at least 4 inches of width between the inside of the forks for 5 inches up the forks from the dropouts. You MUST only install a front hub motor on a bike with steel forks. NO ALLOY FORKS. Alloy forks are NOT strong enough to support a hub motor. During installation and even worse during a ride, alloy forks can
crack or break under the pressure of a wheel with a hub motor. It is important to tighten front wheels extremely tight when installing a hub motor and there is a strong likelihood of cracking alloy forks during installation. This could also be very dangerous if it happens while you are riding. Use your torque arms
to eliminate the possibility of losing a wheel while riding and use steel forks to ensure your own safety. If you are unsure if your fork set is alloy or steel, test the fork with a magnet to ensure it's made of steel. If the magnet is NOT attracted to your fork it is an alloy fork and NOT steel. Replace your fork with a steel
fork or find another bike with a steel fork to convert. E-BikeKit™ is not responsible for damages or injuries as a result of installing an E-BikeKit™ hub motor on alloy forks.

Step 2 - Install the Hub Motor Wheel
IMPORTANT: When upright the wires from the motor should exit the left hand side of the forks.Take the E-BikeKit™ hub motor wheel and place it between the forks to make sure it fits correctly.After making sure it fits you can secure the rim in place. Make sure you secure the bolts tightly and secure both torque arms to keep the motor from spinning within the fork. If you apply power and the axle is not secured tightly, the motor will try to turn inside the dropouts, permanently damaging the
wires connecting the motor. Torque arms should always be used and can be secured by inserting extra screws from your bike (usually attached to your frame for water bottle or rear racks). If you do not have these screws you can use “hose clamps” (not included w/kit but easily attainable at local auto parts stores). Also, there are two dimpled washers on the axle that should be fitted with the dimples bending into the dropouts facing the motor. **Double check - and triple check that the bolts are tight! Inflate the tire, secure the brakes and flip the bike back over.
Please Note: damage caused by the bolts not being tight enough (“spinout”) is not a manufacturing defect and is not covered by your warranty.
Re-install and adjust the brakes. Odds are good that the new rim and old rim are not 100% the same, so adjust the brake pads so that they engage the rim with full contact. Adjust the cable for enough freeplay to keep the shoes off the wheel during rotation. Electric bikes require more attention and care to brakes since you will normally be riding at higher speeds.

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