Sunday, April 12, 2009

Step 3 - Install the Throttle & Brake Handles
Next remove the grips from the handle bars to replace the brakes and install the throttle. The E-BikeKit™ includes two brake handles with internal magnetic switches that cutoff power and deactivate the throttle when braking. You will need to connect your existing caliper brake inner-wires to the E-BikeKit™ brake handles. After installing the brakes, install and connect the throttle. If you have a twist throttle, simply slide it onto you right side handlebar and tighten in place with the provided 3 mm hex wrench. If you are using a thumb throttle you will need to remove your right grip, slide the thumb throttle onto the handlebar, slide your right handle grip back into place and then secure the thumb throttle with the hex

Step 4 - Install the Rear Rack & Secure Battery Pack

There are several options for mounting batteries. The most common option is a rear mounted rack behind the seat. It’s a little different for each bike, but generally you'll use the axle for the lower support and the seat post for the upper support. If you are using the E-BikeKit™ 36v 10ah LiFePo4 battery pack it will come with a mounting plate that can be secured to your rack allowing you to easily slide your
battery on and off and lock it in place when riding. Racks come in many styles so each installation will be different depending on the type of rack used. Make sure your battery is secure and snug so it will not move when riding. If you are unsure about how to secure the battery properly you should consult a professional.

Step 5 - Mount the Controller

Now you have to decide where you would like to mount the controller. The most common places are behind the seat or on top of the battery bag. Do not mount it inside the battery bag because the controller needs ventilation to prevent overheating.

Step 6 - Run the Wiring

For a clean install, route all of the wires toward the back of the bike and secure the wires with zip ties(included with the E-BikeKit™). Make sure you have full range of motion with the handlebars when tying back the wires and leave some slack at each zip tie.

Step 7 - Connect the Electronics
Connect the wires from the motor, brakes and throttle to the controller. All the wires are color coded to make the process simple. The connectors from each component will only fit to the correct mate on the controller. Please consult the wiring diagram for further clarification. Please not that there is a black &
white “European Suppressor Loop Wire” on the controller that limits power to the motor to 200 watts when connected. This will limit the top speed of the motor to 14 MPH. Simply disconnect the loop to enable full power and higher top speeds.When all connections are correctly and securely attached, plug your battery into the controller. If you're using your own battery and not the E-BikeKit™ 36v 10ah LiFePo4 battery pack, you can use the wiring harness (included with the kit) to easily connect your battery pack.

Step 8 - Make Final Adjustments & Enjoy

Make sure the brakes are placed and tightened to your comfort level. Finally, make sure the brakes are adjusted, gears are tuned and everything is ready to go. That's it! Now you're ready to ride. Be careful and take it slow until you get the feel. Ride for a few miles and then come back to check everything over.
Give the bolts a good tightening one more time. You should check all the components often to make sure all connections are secure, especially near the hub and at the motor.

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